07 Mar Where is Business Analytics Used?

A suite of analysis tools and outputs is available.

Shop Floor:

Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE).

Downtime Analysis.

Efficiency Measurement.

Production Progress Analysis.

Plan versus Actual Analysis.

Overtime Management and Analysis.

Production Throughput Analysis.


Production Planning Analysis.

Analysis of BOM shortages.

Order Summary Status and Analysis.

Planning Cost – to assist with What-if Analysis.

Orders Analysis – to analyse orders that are at risk.

Lateness of orders Analysis.


Product Cost Analysis.

Turnover Analysis.

Production Cost versus Turnover Analysis.

Analysis of Manufacturing Cost per Unit.

Analysis of Productivity in Revenue per Employee.

Analysis of Return on Assets.

Analysis of Energy Cost per Unit.

Analysis of Cash to Cash Cycle Time.

Analysis of Average Unit Contribution Margin.

Analysis and Management of Inventory Value.

Marketing and Sales:

Backorder Analysis.

Analysis of Due Date Performance.

Turnover Analysis by Segment/Customer/Region/Area.

Profitability Analysis.

Analysis of Pricing Application Strategy.

Business Analytics Benefits in a Nutshell

Advanced analysis of business data.

Enhanced insights into business activities.

Enablement of data-driven decision-making.

Minimising of waste.

Automation and optimisation of business processes.

Gaining and maintaining of the competitive advantage.

Optimal operations at maximum profit.

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