Development of nCoded Solutions’ Dashboard

01 Jan Development of nCoded Solutions’ Dashboard

The Development of nCoded Solutions’ Dashboard

Software development had changed dramatically in the last few years. Gone were the days where installations had to be done on every computer and upgrades took days, where responsiveness meant that you couldn’t adapt to changes rapidly and websites were merely there for company and contact information.

When we took our first steps (around 15 years ago) into the cloud-based solutions world, it was far from ideal. Web-based systems were limited compared to desktop systems and with a lot of time, effort and also third party plug-ins, we were able to match the functionality of desktop systems.

There were so many variables to take into account, from session issues to browser compatibility and testing these solutions took ages.

Then finally, somewhere in 2009, Microsoft answered our prayers when they launched a web application framework called ASP.NET MVC. Not only did MVC help with the separation of code, it also provided better support for test-driven development (TDD). They also launched Ajax helpers to improve stability and performance of web-based systems as the difficult task of using Ajax and Silverlight for client interaction was now streamlined with the assistance of JavaScript and jQuery.

After spending a lot of time in researching the feasibility of moving our ASP.Net applications over to Asp.Net MVC, we found that not only would development time be dramatically reduced due to scaffolding and bootstrap, we also found that it provides a more stable and secure web solution. The decision was made to move across to ASP.Net MVC and our web-based dashboard was born.

Our Dashboard is customisable

  • Easy, smart drag and drop design tools.
  • Fully customisable visualisations, styles and themes.
  • Have responsive design options.
  • Allows for the addition and arrangement of data anywhere on the canvas.
  • Our dashboards are web-based and mobile optimised.
  • Characteristics such Gauges, Graphs, Buttons, widgets, panels, etc. are easily customizable to create a personalised custom dashboard.
  • User can choose widgets, panels and other controls.

Single Experience on Any Device

  • Our Dashboard is based on responsive HTML5 web technology letting you connect, interact and analyse your data on any mobile device including tablets and smartphones, whether iOS, Android, Windows or BlackBerry.
  • Our design is touch friendly so you have the same experience on your mobile device that you would have on your desktop. Our user interface fully supports touch-based gestures so you can even design business dashboards and reports directly on an iPad. All you need is a standards-compliant browser.









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