The Development of Ncoded Tracking: Version 1.0

21 Nov The Development of Ncoded Tracking: Version 1.0

According to Techopedia “software development is an iterative logical process that aims to create a computer coded or programmed software to address a unique business or personal objective, goal or process. Software development is generally a planned initiative that consists of various steps or stages that result in the creation of operational software.

Software development is primarily achieved through computer programming, which is carried out by a software programmer and includes processes such as initial research, data flow design, process flow design, flow charts, technical documentation, software testing, debugging and other software architecture techniques. This is known as the software development life cycle (SDLC)”

Ncoded Tracking Software, made use of the software development life cycle, to produce the system which is a shop-floor tracking and visibility system developed for manufacturing and mining companies. It is a web-based system which can easily be deployed to clients and integrated to various third party products. The initial configuration is done by a Ncoded Staff Member that sets the system settings and system variables to cater for the client’s business processes and needs.

Ncoded Tracking consist of different features and advantages for customers to utilize. All features and functions are easy to use. The Tracking software is implemented so that it helps reports the realities of the floor, and gives management the opportunity to make better decisions using real-time data.

NCoded Tracking helps improve manufacturing processes by empowering decision makers with answers to many of manufacturing’s toughest questions: –

What is the duration of the job?
What jobs or parts are actually in production?
How many pieces have been scrapped?
Who is currently making parts? Which Shift?
How is production time used?
Which machines are actually making parts? In setup? Down? Or idle?
What stops production?


The admin home helps Ncoded support member to configure the system, as well as a company administrator to continue making changes on the system to allow for adapting changes in the business







The Login screen allows the user /employee access to the Ncoded Tracking software. Which allows the employee to enter his unique number and start a job on a machine.

It has been argued for many years that the shop floor is impossible to control, because it is ever-changing, and many urgent and unplanned events occur, making any plan deteriorate. We at NCODED believe that this is exactly why it is so important to maintain control on the Shop Floor. Shop Floor Control allows management to stay in control, and to know what is happening, even when things happen outside their control. Ncoded Tracking is the software solution every manufacturing industry should have in their company.

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