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Preactor APS SoftwareE

Preactor® Production Planning and Scheduling Software.


nCoded Solutions uses the world leading suite of SIMATIC IT Preactor APS ® production and supply chain planning and scheduling software products.Each of these products can be utilised as a standalone, or can easily be customised or integrated with other software and applications such as ERP, MES, Data Collection, Forecasting, Demand Planning and OEE. Fused with a personalised approach and expert on-site training and technical support, we present the manufacturing and mining industry with a turnkey solution for production and supply chain planning issues.

Preactor Products.

SIMATIC IT Preactor AP®.

A highly advanced production planning tool for any manufacturing company who wishes to gain and maintain a competitive edge. This tool is essential to manage stock levels of raw materials in a manner that is both cost effective and supportive of optimal and customer-centric production. More

SIMATIC IT Preactor AS®.

Minimise production time and cost of manufacturing significantly with this pioneering scheduling software that can increase operational efficiency and automatically instruct the production facility what needs to be produced by when and by whom, using which equipment. More


Shop floor control sorted. In conjunction with the Preactor AS Ultimate Schedule, this system will enable the real-time tracking of order progress and monitoring of performance. More

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nCoded Tracking

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nCoded Tracking

nCoded Tracking is a customisable web-based application that collects, reports, graphs, and processes shop floor manufacturing data in real-time. It is primarily used as a tracking solution that assist the business to have visibility of what is happening on the Shop Floor in real time. By nature, this visibility will assist in the improvement of manufacturing processes and production efficiencies by supplying the most accurate shop floor data available to manufacturers and engineers so they can make better decisions. nCoded Tracking collects data by way of bar-code readers or operator captured entries via touch screens. The information is then stored in Microsoft SQL, analysed using one of over 20 reports and graphs, which would then be used for making smart decisions.

nCoded Tracking analyse and reports on three most important resources; Jobs, People, and Machines. Milliseconds after the data is input, it becomes available enterprise-wide via reports and charts that accurately reflect the current state of business productivity. For example, the Machine Status report displays the current state of every machine including if it is idle, in setup, production, or down. In addition, it displays the current order details, process details and machine operator details. nCoded Tracking helps improve manufacturing processes by empowering decision makers with answers to many of manufacturing’s toughest questions.

What is the duration of the job?
What jobs or parts are actually in production?
How many pieces have been scrapped?
Who is currently making parts? Which Shift?
How is production time used?
Which machines are actually making parts? In setup? Down? Or idle?
What stops production?

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nCoded View

A Dashboard is an organised summary of key business metrics that really just serve to answer one key business question: ‘what is happening?’ Dashboards should ideally be interactive to make it easy for the user to find information and it should provide real-time information on performance.

nCoded Solutions has a web-based Dashboard titled ‘nCoded View’ that was developed using Microsoft ® MVC ( Model View Controller) architectural logic. It was purposefully engineered with sleek web design in mind to provide an interactive experience with optimal viewing that allows for easy reading and navigation with minimal resizing, panning and scrolling, across a wide range of devices (from desktop computers to mobile phones). nCoded View was developed on the .NET Framework (version 4.5.2) that runs primarily on Windows ® and jQuery was used for a number of the client-side controls and interaction.

jQuery) is the most popular cross-platform JavaScript library in use today, with an installation base of 65% of the top 10 million highest-trafficked sites on the web. It is designed to simplify the client-side scripting of HTML. Bootstrap was used for a lot of nCoded View’s styling. Bootstrap is a collection of tools for creating websites and web applications. It contains HTML and CSS-based designed templates for typography, forms, buttons, navigation and other interface components, as well as optional JavaScript extensions. It aims to ease the development of dynamic websites and web applications. We display Real-Time information; and the communication is done via SignalR. This function notifies the application of any changes to the database, which in turn are then displayed immediately, making the dashboard display live information.

nCoded View allows the user to configure information such as:

Calendar details.

Resource and/or Cost Centre details.

KPI classifications such as colour specifications on the Dashboard Gauges.

Date Scale Rules (Day, Month-To-Date, Year-To-Date)

KPI Granularity (per Resource, per Department, per Business Unit,  per Division, etc.)

Data source.

Number of KPIs: Our screen auto-adjusts, no matter how many KPIs are to be displayed.

Display choices.

Plus other valuable information

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Planning Skills

nCoded Solutions have a value-added service where we also offer planning and scheduling personnel to companies that do not have these skills. We do not necessarily function as an employment agency, but only offer the skills to companies that have implemented any of our service offerings. We ensure that we deploy highly qualified Industrial Engineers and/or Operations Researchers that have experience in Supply Chain Planning. These people stay under the employ of nCoded Solutions whilst they sit permanently at the clients’ premises, offering permanent support.


nCoded Solutions offers a series of avant-garde solutions that are underpinned by their over 20 years experience in supply chain planning, execution and analysis.This helps the identify their customer requirements and needs when having to make decisions on which service to provide in their mixed bag of available solutions.

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Production Planning and Scheduling.


Production Planning and Scheduling aims to determine “what”, “when”, “how much”, “in what sequence” and “who must make it” for the entire demand and supply process. It encompasses support for Sales and Operations Planning, Production Planning, Production Scheduling and Production Execution. nCoded Solutions have a team of consultants who are not just generalists, but proven experts in this specific field of supply chain management. Our expertise was gained from many years of practical experience in the implementation and running of production planning and scheduling processes (and software) for a myriad of corporates.

Our approach is to pinpoint issues, help you make the necessary changes to overcome them as seamlessly as possible and to transfer the necessary knowledge you need to maintain these improvements. Every step of our methodology is underpinned by global best practices in supply chain planning techniques.

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Business Analytics: Manufacturing and KPIs Consulting.


No organisation can be successful or improve if it does not monitor and evaluate its activities. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are the important instruments that help organisations understand whether they are on a successful journey or not.

nCoded Solutions is able to help manufacturing organisations of any size to engineer the right set of KPIs to indicate current performance levels and shine light on areas that need attention. We pride ourselves in the fact that we have an astute capability for developing relevant and meaningful KPIs that will drive business results, even for the most difficult and intangible areas of performance. Amongst other, our services addresses the design, analysis, visualisation, reporting and using of performance information to give organisations much-needed insights for taking their business forward.

All of our consulting engagements are customisable to the specific needs of each client and provide for:

Development of complete corporate KPI frameworks. Creation of dashboards to monitor performance or specific business areas (e.g. finance, customer, operations, quality, supply chain, etc.) Evaluation and optimisation of existing performance measurement approaches. Assistance with the development of meaningful targets and benchmarks for KPIs. Analysis of KPI data. Development of best practice data visualisations and charts to effectively communicate insights from the KPIs and performance data. Assistance with the selection of the most appropriate KPIs and dashboards. Provision of in-company training and coaching on performance measurement, KPIs and data analysis.

Business Analytics Consulting.


In an increasingly competitive and fast paced market landscape, no business can deny the need for useful and insightful data or Business Analytics (Business Analytics) to inform their decision-making. nCoded Solutions’ Business Analytics Consulting service is aimed at helping organisations to unlock the power of Business Analytics to unleash their full potential. Our services are customisable to the specific needs of each client and include:

Our services are customisable to the specific needs of each client and include:

Read more about Business Analytics

Enabling companies to get started with analytics. Helping companies to gaining insight into analytics and the data implications for their industries. Assisting organisations with identifying their most important information needs and advising them on how they might use analytics to address those information needs. Developing analytics strategies for companies. Providing advice on collecting and analysing the most appropriate data. Developing best-in-class data visualisations and data reporting mechanisms.

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Analytics tools features at a glance.

nCoded Solutions purposefully set out to present companies with a series of user-friendly Analytics tools that can seamlessly integrate with their own systems and streamline Business Analytics for them. Below are some of the functionalities of our analytical tools.

Analytics Tools.

Custom configuration (customisation) to fit the organisation’s conditions that could be executed within days. Data capturing that can either be performed manually or via electronic interface. Data validation performed on all data to ensure data reliability. A suite of standard reports and graphs for any combination of resources and products over any selected time period for daily management as well as trend and analysis purposes:

Senior management is provided with indicator summaries that report daily, weekly and monthly on planned and unplanned stoppages presented in an easy-to-review format with a level of detail that cuts to the chase. Operational management is provided with a set of reports that reflect specific real-time cause and effective information that allows immediate corrective Shop Floor action to ensure sustained, improvement in performance and productivity. On screen real time performance monitoring. Drill-down functionality to view the performance of a specific resource right down to product and operator level. Ability to design custom reports to satisfy specific client needs. Integration to other business systems

An accredited Preactor® reseller.

nCoded Solutions is an accredited reseller and distributor of Preactor ®, a Siemens owned software company that has become a global leader in the supply of production planning and scheduling solutions. Established more than 20 years ago, Preactor ® has the largest installed base of any independent planning and software company for the manufacturing sector and it is used in more than 5000 small, medium and large multinational companies across 88 countries. More