Russian Optical Cable Maker increases visibility with Preactor

05 Nov Russian Optical Cable Maker increases visibility with Preactor

ZAO SOKK is one of the leading optical cable manufacturers in Russia. A Successful business with many prestigious awards and quality recognitions, such as “European Standard”, “Russian Economy Development Leader”, Russian Federation Government’s Quality Award, All-Russian Quality Organization “Russian Quality Leader” diploma. Integrated quality management systems cover all the business process from cable construction to acceptance testing at ZAO SOKK.

Fast company growth required improved qualitative production planning. After the operative production scheduling market was accessed, the Preactor system was chosen. The main reason for Preactor being chosen was the positive experience with Preactor within Russia’s cable industry. The project was carried out by ASKON, a Preactor Partner based in Samara.

Firstly a pre-project plant research investigation was carried out, and a performance specification for the required production scheduling solution system developed. Also the optical cable production planning procedure allowing for order insertion into the production schedule has been developed during the integration process.

Integration with the current Lotsman:PLM engineering data control system was carried out. This provides automatic transfer of product composites, technological routes and other data from Lotsman:PLM to the Preactor system.
The project took 3 months to complete and has allowed the company to take advantage of modern production planning technologies.

The project provides a Preactor system that monitors production planning growth, production unit monitoring, and order completion forecast. Production management and planning departments are then provided with direct and operation information that they can use to manage production effectively. On-time delivery performance can be predicted and management has the capability to analyze the production process and take action where required.

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