Preactor APS SoftwareE

Preactor® Production Planning and Scheduling Software.


nCoded Solutions uses the world leading suite of SIMATIC IT Preactor APS ® production and supply chain planning and scheduling software products.Each of these products can be utilised as a standalone, or can easily be customised or integrated with other software and applications such as ERP, MES, Data Collection, Forecasting, Demand Planning and OEE. Fused with a personalised approach and expert on-site training and technical support, we present the manufacturing and mining industry with a turnkey solution for production and supply chain planning issues.

Preactor Products.

SIMATIC IT Preactor AP®.

A highly advanced production planning tool for any manufacturing company who wishes to gain and maintain a competitive edge. This tool is essential to manage stock levels of raw materials in a manner that is both cost effective and supportive of optimal and customer-centric production. More

SIMATIC IT Preactor AS®.

Minimise production time and cost of manufacturing significantly with this pioneering scheduling software that can increase operational efficiency and automatically instruct the production facility what needs to be produced by when and by whom, using which equipment. More


Shop floor control sorted. In conjunction with the Preactor AS Ultimate Schedule, this system will enable the real-time tracking of order progress and monitoring of performance. More

An accredited Preactor® reseller.

nCoded Solutions is an accredited reseller and distributor of Preactor ®, a Siemens owned software company that has become a global leader in the supply of production planning and scheduling solutions. Established more than 20 years ago, Preactor ® has the largest installed base of any independent planning and software company for the manufacturing sector and it is used in more than 5000 small, medium and large multinational companies across 88 countries. More