nCoded Tracking

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nCoded Tracking

nCoded Tracking is a customisable web-based application that collects, reports, graphs, and processes shop floor manufacturing data in real-time. It is primarily used as a tracking solution that assist the business to have visibility of what is happening on the Shop Floor in real time. By nature, this visibility will assist in the improvement of manufacturing processes and production efficiencies by supplying the most accurate shop floor data available to manufacturers and engineers so they can make better decisions. nCoded Tracking collects data by way of bar-code readers or operator captured entries via touch screens. The information is then stored in Microsoft SQL, analysed using one of over 20 reports and graphs, which would then be used for making smart decisions.

nCoded Tracking analyse and reports on three most important resources; Jobs, People, and Machines. Milliseconds after the data is input, it becomes available enterprise-wide via reports and charts that accurately reflect the current state of business productivity. For example, the Machine Status report displays the current state of every machine including if it is idle, in setup, production, or down. In addition, it displays the current order details, process details and machine operator details. nCoded Tracking helps improve manufacturing processes by empowering decision makers with answers to many of manufacturing’s toughest questions.

What is the duration of the job?
What jobs or parts are actually in production?
How many pieces have been scrapped?
Who is currently making parts? Which Shift?
How is production time used?
Which machines are actually making parts? In setup? Down? Or idle?
What stops production?