01 Feb NCODED Approach to Project Management

nCoded Solutions’ Development Methodology within a Project


Our development methodologies vary depending on the types of project and types of clients. Our preferred methodology however is the Agile Methodology as it also provides for rapid application development.

Although most of our systems are well documented, we have a belief that a working software is better than comprehensive documentation, therefore the agile methodology is preferred as it responds to changes better and faster.









The major part of any software development project is meeting or exceeding the client’s requirements. In order to achieve this, you need to fully understand the requirements and have clear and concise objectives. Our main aim is always to adapt our solutions around a business, not having the business adapt around our solutions.

During the development process, we have various test phases for each individual component. Our development approach is based on test-driven development (TDD), where we would only write sufficient enough code to get the component working, then cause the component to fail and start adding to the code until all the tests succeed. The more failures we have per component, the more stable the solution will be, as more exceptions were caught.

Once the development is complete, user acceptance testing also works on the test-driven development approach. All our solutions have automated error handling catching every exception. Those exceptions are then logged and reported providing real-time sample data and a step-by-step replay of the exception.




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