11 Apr How Preactor is Viewed

How Preactor Scheduling is rated around the world



Preactor specializes in collaborating with tier two ERP applications such as Microsoft Dynamics AX. Siemens acquired Preactor in 2013. Siemens has other product planning applications such as manufacturing execution system called SIMATIC IT, and no doubt, the acquisition was part of a large overall strategy to create a complete production application suite. Preactor has a large number of reference able accounts. Preactor is the low cost leader in terms of initial software acquisition cost.













Quality of Information Provided

Preactor knows that it is offering a simply solution, and their sales pitch focuses on how quickly Preactor can be brought live. Their primary counterpoint is to use SAP PP/DS as an example of a very expensive application that takes a great deal of time to bring live – which is true. We rate the accuracy of the information provided by Preactor to be about average.

Consulting and Support

We rate Preactor as above average in consulting and support.

Internal Efficiency

Obviously dealing with a conglomerate like Siemens means dealing with bureaucracy.


Generally, Preactor’s innovation level would be expected to decline after the Siemens acquisition, but on the other hand, Preactor never had a very high innovation level to begin with. They offer a simple tool, which is an upgrade over the production planning and scheduling functionality within ERP systems.

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