ISO 9001: 2015 accredited

nCoded Solutions is a consulting and solutions development firm specialising in supply chain planning and business analytics.
We help our clients compete and win by giving them the tools to plan, schedule, visualise, analyse and optimise their Supply Chain decisions. To this end, we utilise world leading software and tools such as Preactor®, Shop Floor Data Control Systems and Dashboards. We assist our clients with the facilitation and implementation of these tools.



A demonstrated thought leader in the arena, nCoded Solutions takes pride in the fact that we only work with professionals who are renowned for their expertise in the production and supply chain planning and execution space.

End to end solutions.

nCoded Solutions offers a complete repertoire of production and supply chain planning services that are tailored to best support companies in the mining and manufacturing space.


This includes solutions for: production planning, production scheduling, production management, quality management, maintenance management, inventory management, shop floor control, IT consulting and Business Analytics.

The utmost professionalism.

The nCoded Solutions team boasts a range of academic qualifications from Masters Degrees to Bachelor’s Degrees in industrial engineering, information technology and operations management.

In addition, we collectively have several decades of know-how; gained from the practical execution of a range of different business disciplines such as operations and supply chain planning, shop floor execution and systems and technology.

Most importantly, we have an impeccable track record of successful implementation of numerous process improvement projects for a myriad of blue chip companies. We believe that the results of our work speak for itself. Read some of our case studies.